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The Milwaukee Sketch Club is a group of artists that meet to paint and draw on a regular basis.

We meet every Tuesday evening (7:00 - 9:00pm) from the first part of September through May at St. Peters Episcopal Church at 80 st. and Lincoln Avenue in West Allis, Wisconsin.

On our weekly sketch nights we have two models; a portrait model and a nude model. We have a different nude model each week but the portrait model poses for two consecutive weeks. We ask that the portrait model wear the same clothing both weeks and the same hair style. Our nude model starts out with short one or five minute poses ending with a long half-hour pose at the end of the evening. The portrait model poses for half-hour at a time with a short break in between.

We welcome new members that are interested in painting and sketching. Artists can use any medium of their choice except for oils because of the solvent odor. If the artist uses a messy medium we ask that they bring a drop cloth or something to cover the chair they are using for supporting their materials and the floor beneath them. Our fees are $95 for the year. See our schedule page for the latest schedules

We also invite anyone who is interested to come along on our free loosely organized Urban Sketching and Summer Plein Air Painting Adventures. See our schedule page for the latest Summer Plein Air Guide.

We offer No Lessons, although many of our members teach art. Instead we support and encourage each other in our artistic endeavors.

ANYONE and EVERYBODY is welcome to join.



Current Members per 2017-2018 roster

Irene Angles
Art Bartkowiak (President)
Jim E. Beck
William D. Beiersdorf
Bonita Bruch, link:  artinmilwaukee.org [visual artist] (Sometimes called Bonnie)

Carol Chapman
Art Covi

Terry Fischer, www.TerryAFischer.com
Arline Flores
Vivian Foster
Nilah Fowler
Tanya Fuhrman
Michael Gundlach

Matthew Hager
Donna Heffler
Jamie Heidenreich
Marcia Hoshstetter

Gary Kenney garykenneyfineart.com
Tim Kopp
Kristin Krienbring
Jan Kruk
Jim Kurtz
Carol Liesenfelder
Lisa Luz

Roger Malcolm
Nancy Maronn
Jim Marsala
Amy Martin
Gary Millard https://artistryofnature.com  https://www.facebook.com/artistryofnature
Al Minzlaff

Julia Pagenkopf
John G. Peine
Tom Piedt (Secretary)
Joyce Radtke
Judith Reidy

Timothy J. Sheehan
Betty Storey
Joe Szarka
Kathy Welsch

Below is some additional information provided by some of our members and former members:
Margo Wolfe, Bonita/Bonnie Bruch, Ray McInerny, Terry A Fischer, Joyce Eesley, Mike Gundlach, Kathy Morgenroth...

Margo Wolfe

My goal for the next few years is to diligently pursue my passion of creating art pieces from the world around me that may trigger similar personal emotions in the viewer.

Bonita/Bonnie Bruch

I am slowly evolving from being a person who has good art skills into an artist.
link:  artinmilwaukee.org [visual artist]

Ray McInerny
Originally from Minneapolis, my wife Jean and I came to MIlwaukee 1n 1950 to join Ken Cook Company from Buckbee-Mears, St. Paul, MN. I worked with Don Nestler Studios, McCreedy Studios and the last twenty years of working life ran McInerny Art Studio with Jean. Taught night school at MATC for nine years in the sixties. No website.

Terry A. Fischer

I revel in exploring the many idiosyncrasies and endless variety of portraits, both human and animal.




Joyce Eesley 

My realistic watercolor paintings are created from direct observation whether it is a set up using acquired and found objects or from nature using beautiful flowers, interesting gourds and other objects from nature that are fresh or old and withered.  

Mike Gundlach

In my art work I attempt to use line, value, and color to create impressions that are hopefully interesting and entertaining.



Kathy Morgenroth


Painting children is my favorite watercolor subject matter.  Figures and nonformal portraits are fun and personal for me.  I want my paintings to tell a story. 




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