Monday, April 29, 2019

Milwaukee Sketch Club at Starbucks 4/26/19

We thought it would be too wet and cold to go to Trimborn Farm last Friday.
However after discussing it, we decided it wouldn't have been so bad.
 So if it is really in the 60s and partially cloudy on Friday we plan to go there. Unless we change our minds and go to Starbucks

Elm Grove Tour le Jardin Looking for Artists July 20, 10am - 3pm

From: Sandy Pommerening <>
Date: April 24, 2019 at 4:58:25 PM CDT

With the nice weather, it's time to think of Plein Air painting.     In February, I sent an email regarding our annual garden tour.    This year the tour is July 20 (Saturday) from 10:00 to 3 or 4:00.   We are looking forward to having you join us for this event.

I have heard from 3 of you that you will be available to paint during the Tour le Jardin.      If you haven't sent a response, will you please email back with your Yea or Nay so that I know how many are able to join us.     Otherwise, we will seek others to paint on a beautiful day in July!

Thanks and Happy Spring,
Sandy Pommerening
Elm Grove Garden Club

Sunday, April 28, 2019

WIPAPA (Wisconsin Plein Air Painters Association) update


Good Morning!

I hope you are all outside painting this spring! As I believe it is the fastest way to learn to paint!!

I am posting to give you a status update on WIPAPA.  Last year was particularly difficult for my family and I, leaving me with very little time to paint let alone deal with WIPAPA.  The only commitment I was able to keep was to keep the calendar of events up to date on this blog. This upcoming year doesn't look like things are letting up.

IMPORTANT: If you sent me a check for dues last year or this I have not cashed them. Until we have someone step forward to administer WIPAPA please do not send any further dues. I am removing the form from this blog.

It is my sincere hope that you will find artists near you and go out to paint together!

I'll see you out there!!

Wendie Thompson

I am posting all competitions in the state as soon as I have a link to them for 2019. If you know of any others please let me know asap! This is what I have so far:

Looking for fine artists (Brookfield)

From: Irene Angeles <>

Looking for fine artists (Brookfield) 

We are a local retailer with an opportunity to add a gallery space to our current space. We are looking for fine artists to display pieces or a collection for sale. We are looking for a 10-15% commision on all sold pieces. Art would be on display for 4-6 weeks. My name is Nick and I can be reached at +14149491819.
This is for a gallery in the rear of a retail cbd store on Capitol and calhoun.

Monday, April 22, 2019

MSC Exhibit, Inspiration Studios 5/5-5/26/19

Come join Milwaukee Sketch Club
at Inspiration Studios
at 1500 S 73rd St, West Allis, WI 53214

for the 
Opening Reception 
on Sunday May 5
2:00pm to 5:00pm

and the 
Closing Reception 
on Sunday May 26
2:00pm to 5:00pm

Meet some of the artists at the 
Exhibit Open Dates
Sunday, May 12, 2:00 - 5:00pm (Meet Bonnie & Karen Wick)
Friday, May 17, 4:00 - 7:00pm (Meet Art Bartkowiak & Tom Piedt)
Saturday, May 18, 2:00 - 5:00pm (Meet Julia Pagenkofp & Joyce Radtke)
Friday May 24, 4:00 - 7:00pm (Meet Arlene Davey & Jerry)
Saturday May 25, 2:00-5:00pm (Meet Al Minzlaf & Betty Storey)

Time Notes for MSC members

Wednesday, May 1, 5:00-7:00pm - Drop off Artwork
Thursday, May 2, 1:00pm - Hang Artwork (Tom Piedt & Al Minzlaf will be there)
Sunday, May 26,  after 5:00pm - Pick up artwork
Tuesday, May 28, 4:00-6:30pm - Pick up artwork
more MSC notes from Tom's emails

  • All sales go through Inspiration Studio, Cash, Checks, and credit cards will be accepted during receptions.
  • All artwork remains on display until the end of the closing reception. At that time Erico will write checks (minus 20% commission) for artwork sold.
A special note from Inspiration Studios

FYI...May is Mental Health Awareness Month and Erico is participating in a city-wide effore with a wide variety of organizations in West Allis. They are hosing several events throughout the city centered on that theme. These include lectures, book review, a film, yoga, keynote, workshops throughout the month... 

and even 
a painting party 
at Inspiration Studios 
on May 9 (led by Rosie Hartmann) 
called "Painting My Emotions."

Sunday, April 21, 2019

Sketchbook Project, Digitizing & select Tour Dates

From: The Sketchbook Project <>
Sent: Friday, April 12, 2019

 Happy FriYAY! We’ve been receiving all of your sketchbooks since the deadline and have had such a grand time going through them while cataloging and digitizing all of your work!

Curious about how we digitize our sketchbooks? We take a photo of every sketchbook spread for every digitized book! It is a labor of love that we are so proud to share in our Digital Librarywhich anyone can view, from anywhere in the world. Visit our website to browse the 20,000 sketchbooks in our digital collection.

Check out #SBPprocess on Instagram to view more amazing shots of sketchbooks in our collection!
Do you want to see Volume 14 and tiny sketchbooks in person but can't access our library? We’re going on TOUR! Come visit us and check out our books in a city near you. Check out our upcoming schedule below, and keep your eyes open: more dates will be announced for Los Angeles, San Francisco, Boston, Providence, Richmond, and Washington, D.C.!

Bookmobile at The Other Art Fair
Brooklyn, New York
May 2 - May 5, 2019

Tiny Sketchbooks at Slow Galerie
Paris, France
June 28 - June 29, 2019 

Tiny Sketchbooks at The Other Art Fair
London, UK
July 4 - July 7, 2019
Bookmobile at The Other Art Fair
Los Angeles, California
September 5 - September 8, 2019

Bookmobile at Artists and Fleas
Venice Beach, California
September 14, 2019

Bookmobile at The Other Art Fair 
Brooklyn, New York
November 7 - November 10, 2019

Milwaukee Sketch Club at Starbucks 4/19/19

Next Friday, if the weather cooperates, we plan to go to Trimborn Farm.
Otherwise we plan to go to Starbucks.

Added a book list to the bottom right corner of the blog.

Also added some links to some Artist blogs at the bottom of Art Events on rightside. (Couldn't get a separate link list gadget to work so had to combine that)

Friday, April 19, 2019

MSC Banquet May 14

From: Thomas Piedt <>
Date: April 9, 2019 at 12:46:29 PM CDT

Hi all

I've  scheduled the sketch club banquet for Tuesday May 14th  at That's Amore 5080 South 108th st, Greenfield. Social -  5:30pm, dinner at 6:00pm

Dinner will be in the main dining room this year due to a funeral upstairs. 

Menu choices:

Eggplant  Spinach Parmigiana 

Surf and Turf

Chicken Marsala

Shrimp  Antonino

A vodka punch bowl and veggie  tray will be provided - otherwise drinks are on your own.

A menu sheet will be provided listing the menu choices at each place setting. Members should  be  prepared to hand back the sheet to me listing their menu  choice along with money for the meal. Members can  leave  a tip on the table for the server/servers if desired. 

Please let me  know per  email,  or put your  name (along with any quest/guests)  on the sign up sheet - which will be available at sketch tonight. I'm expected to call That's Amore with a final count a week ahead of time -Tuesday May 7th.
Hope to see you there. Tom

Thursday, April 18, 2019

Sunday, April 14, 2019

The confluence: Request for proposals

Call for Artists
Request for Proposals
NEWaukee seeks applications from qualified artists over the age of 18 for temporary public art installations at Lake Vista Park in Oak Creek for a new festival, The Confluence.
Learn more →

Saturday, April 13, 2019

Live Painting Competition with Music + Performances 4/25/19

A Live Painting Competition
featuring Local Artists & Performers
The Collage is a collaborative event featuring live painting, performances from Danceworks and music from local artist Jake Williams. Live art will be created by current students and recent graduates from prominent Milwaukee universities, including Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design and UW-Milwaukee Peck School of the Arts. Artist pairs will be made up of students from different schools to create new works of art as well as new relationships in the local art scene.

Each attendee will receive a ballot upon arriving and will have the opportunity to vote for their favorite piece throughout the night! The pair with the most votes will win all of the money raised through ticket sales – so get yours today and help support local artists! All pairs will be able to sell their work during or after the event if they’d like.

Complimentary appetizers from The Rumpus Room will be available while they last. Drinks from Third Space Brewing will be available for purchase.
Get Tickets →

Friday, April 12, 2019

Richfield Art at the Mill 7/27/19


Richfield Art At the Mill
Saturday, July 27, 2019

Call for Artists
Spring has arrived, so summer isn't far behind. Are you planning your summer art fair schedule? You are invited to apply to exhibit at this juried art and fine craft fair held in beautiful Richfield Historical Park, Richfield, WI (Washington County). This is the 11th year for the event. You will find this event to have:
  • reasonable booth & jury fees 
  • easy unload and reload arrangements
  • ample space between booth spaces
  • friendly, helpful staff
  • free homemade pastry & coffee during setup
Because we know the success of this event depends upon our exhibitors, we strive to advertise to the fullest extent of our ability to attract attendees. We use newspapers, fliers, social media (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest), websites and signage to promote the fair.

In order to have a well balanced selection of artistic works, we have established quotas for some of of the media. The quota for jewelry artisans has been filled. Therefore, we are not accepting applications for jewelry artists.
Click here for the link to the Guidelines and Application Form. You can also find the document on the Richfield Historical Society website: (Home Page, Left Side, Scroll Down.) 
Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.
Lois Hessenauer
Richfield Historical Society

Thursday, April 11, 2019

MSC Art May Show at Inspiration Gallery - Contact Bonnie

From: Thomas Piedt <>

Subject: MSC Art show at Inspiration gallery

Just a friendly reminder regarding the upcoming sketch club show coming up in May.  More information to  follow regarding specifics. See below as sent per previous email:

Bonnie Bruch has set up an art show at Inspiration Gallery located at 1500 S. 73rd St. West Allis.  Initial information is included below as sent  to Bonnie by Erico Ortiz - Founder of the  gallery. Further information will  be provided  as more is known.

Note: All questions should be emailed to Bonnie Bruch ( Milwaukee Sketch Club show coordinator) at  Do not email Art or myself as the information may get confused.

Message from  Eric Ortiz :

Artwork installed May 1 or May 2.
Opening Reception, Sunday, May 5... times to be determined
Closing Reception, Sunday, May 26... times to be determined
Artwork uninstalled on May 28

-    Artwork should be framed - gallery wrapped is acceptable for oils and acrylics on canvas. All artwork should be set up for wire hanging.

Number of pieces - per Bonnie: 2 small or 1 large. Frame of reference: large 24" x 36" 
FYI...May is Mental Health Awareness Month.   I am participating in a city-wide effort with a wide variety of organizations in West Allis.  They are hosting several events throughout the city centered on that theme.  These include lectures, book review, a film, yoga, keynote, workshops throughout the month... and even a painting party at Inspiration Studios on May 9 (led by Rosie Hartmann) called "Painting My Emotions."
If the MSC could keep that theme in mind when submitting their artwork entries, that would help to support the city's efforts.

Note: All questions regarding the show should be emailed to Bonnie Bruch  ( Milwaukee Sketch Club show coordinator ) at

Thanks Tom

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Milwaukee Sketch Club at Starbucks 3/4/19

Next week, still starbucks on 76th st in Greenfield.
We're waiting for 60 F and mostly sunny but weather is still not cooperating.

Friday, April 5, 2019

Art Opening at Sabrosa Cafe & Gallery! April 8, 6-9 pm

From: Thea Kovac <>

Celebrate spring with me!

Hanging Gardens 
  Paintings by Thea Kovac

Opening Reception 
   Monday, April 8, 2019
   6-9 pm
SABROSA Cafe & Gallery
   3216 S Howell Ave
   Milwaukee WI 53207

Delicious small plates, cocktails, wine tasting, live music, and brief remarks by yours truly. 

30x22” watercolor
From “A World Before Paisley” series

Hanging Gardens
Through May 31, 2019

In the series, A World Before Paisley, large vertical format watercolors reveal an enchanted greenhouse world of dramatic shapes, bold color and flat patterned space where the familiar is strange and the ordinary becomes exotic.

Dreams of Field, a suite of small square watercolors on clay board are portals to expansive landscapes rippling with the shapes, contours and energy of organic growing things. 

Watercolors on  6x6” clay board
“Dreams of Field” series


Thea Kovac is a Milwaukee-based
visual artist, poet, and independent art educator who calls her artistic practice The Lost Playground Studio. She paints vivid watercolor and acrylic paintings for public consumption, writes poetry for herself, holds artist residencies in schools and businesses, teaches classes in private and public settings, and hosts Palette Parties for family and business celebrations.

Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Milwaukee Sketch Club at Starbucks 3/29/19

We're back!
to the same place, same day, same time
starbucks on 76th st in Greenfield next to Kopps
Friday 4/5/19

Monday, April 1, 2019

some Wisconsin Workshops listed in FineArt Views Newsletter

From: FineArtViews Newsletter <>
Subject: Special Edition USA Workshops June 2019 Newsletter

Joyce Hicks
6/2/2019 - 6/8/2019
Lac du Flambeau, Wisconsin

Learn More

Graham Berry
3 Day Watercolour workshop - June 2019
6/7/2019 - 6/9/2019
Whitewater Arts Alliance, Cravath Lakefront Center
Whitewater, Wisconsin

Learn More

 Jan Norsetter
Cedarburg 2019 Plein Air Workshop: Keeping it Simple
6/8/2019 - 6/8/2019
Saukville WI - Town of Cedarburg, Wisconsin

Learn More

 Sherri Thomas
The “Value” of Plein Air Painting
6/13/2019 - 6/15/2019
Richeson School of Art & Gallery
Kimberly, Wisconsin

Learn More

Jan Norsetter
Lower Sugar River Watershed Association plein air workshop
6/15/2019 - 6/15/2019
Southern WI Land Conservancy
Broadhead, Wisconsin

Learn More

 Dan Gerhartz
Training the Eye to See (FULL)
6/17/2019 - 6/21/2019
Gerhartz Studio
Kewaskum, Wisconsin

Learn More

 Anne Urso
Watercolor Class - Monday
6/17/2019 - 7/15/2019
Waunakee Village Center
Waunakee, Wisconsin

Learn More

 Jan Norsetter
River Arts - Value Does All the Work, Color Gets All the Credit
6/29/2019 - 6/30/2019
River Arts on Water Gallery
Prairie du Sac, Wisconsin

Learn More