Friday, April 21, 2017

Gary Millard "Plein Air" Demo pictures & notes

Gary did an excellent job of showing how he plein air paints in oils. He answered questions and was entertaining too!

See more of his art on his website

In the first hour he blocks in the main shapes with paint thinned with odorless mineral spirits. Normally he uses regular mineral spirits. 

He worked top to down, or farthest to nearest.
He reminded us that all 4 corners should be different, don't run down to a corner - make it bigger. Also distant is lighter/less vivid, more pastel/purplish, nearer is darker. Don't put horizon in center. No straight shore lines.

Brushes used on 16 x 20 panel
hog bristle
liner for fine lines
hake- swirl in circles to make clouds
Menard 2" house paint brush for blocking in

He stands when he paints so he can walk back to look at his painting from a distance.
Gary was very informative and had lots of entertaining stories to tell about plein air painting.
Color palette:
2 each: yellow, orange, red, green
4 blues
thalo turquoise, cobalt turquoise
naples yellow light - to put in sunny highlights last 5' of painting
burnt sienna, yellow ochre. paynes gray, van dyke brown
diazazine purple
sap green, chromium green
Clouds are regular at top and non descriptive (go away at the bottom) Layer clouds.

Darks: purple/ultramarine blue
lights: cerulean/white

 He generally uses long brushes out in the field and short brushes in the studio

If line not right just paint another line next to it of the area next to the line to fix the line.

Mahl stick used to steady his hand
 Contrast dark trees against light sky. liner brush for fine lines. While paint wet knock out some tree lines. Then add more lines on top.
Up and down strokes mimic grass.
Overlap items in picture to prevent cut-out appearance.
Squint to see values and correct things.
Splashes of color. He likes blue
 Plein air painting used as a guide for this one. The barn was actually behind Gary in the original location.
Generally 2-2.5 hours to plein air paint a painting before light changes.

Plein air painting is supposed to be fun.
 Naples yellow light added last to indicate sunlight
 Here's how it might look in a frame.

In the past he used walnut oil for gloss. Generally can varnish after painting cures for 5-6 months. Immediately after painting you can spray Krylon workable fixative.
The finished painting.
(You can use the end of a sharpened toothbrush to sign in a wet area.)
Gary with the lucky winner of his painting.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

MSC outing at Whitnal Park 4/21/17

From: Vivian


Sorry to do this but Gary Kenney just called and said he went to the VA this morning and found that there
is no parking available.  The parking lot is now full of employee parking with nothing else available for us.

So therefore, we will be at the Whitnal Park golf course parking lot overlooking the river and marsh with a
waterfall available.  It is on South 92nd street, turn west on Whitnal Park Drive up the hill, the parking lot
is on your left.


Sunday, April 9, 2017

Reminder: 4/15/17 Registration Price goes up for Milwaukee Museum Mile


Reminder: April 15th price goes up for the Milwaukee Museum Mile.

  • Add’l painting days – from 5 in 2016 to 7 in 2017
  • Expanded boundaries
  • 1 quick paint in 2016 and 2 in 2017
  • 2 add’l prizes this year for $1000 add’l prize money – total of 13 prizes in 2017 for $6050 in prize money
  • “First Bids” Special event on May 18 from 4:30-6 just for painters and their collectors and those who bought pieces last year
  • Bill Suys and Shelby Keefe are this year’s judges.
  • $55 until April 15 postmark; $70 after that
I loved doing this event last year! Get your registration in fast!!

Lynn Rix

from: Lynn Rix <>

Lynn M Rix is excited about her busy Spring Schedule !
North Point Treasure
Longest Day- June 21
April Show schedule

* April 3- May 2 : I have 4 paintings in group show at the Pfister Hotel Pop Up Art Gallery. 424 E. Wisconsin Ave, Milwaukee . ( Gallery Night/Day April 21 & 22)

* April 5- May 31: I have 18 paintings hanging at the North Shore Boulangerie If you haven't been to the bakery/cafe, you really need to go. A lovely , lively place! 4401 N Oakland Ave, Shorewood

* April 6- 8 Members Show at Boca Grande Art Center, Florida
* Upcoming in May : a group show at the Grohmann Museum @ MSOE, 1000 N Broadway, Milwaukee. May 19-August 20

All of my works at these shows are for sale.
* And I just delivered 6 new pieces to Bohemia in Cedarburg !
And finally, my studio is always open by appointment. I have lots of inventory, both new and old for sale!!

Click to go to my website

East Troy Chalk Art festival- Plein Air Painters wanted

East Troy - Annual Sidewalk Chalk Art Festival
The Village of East Troy is inviting artists to come PLEIN AIR paint on Saturday, May 6, 2017 starting at 9 am.
Participating artists can sell their work and no commissions are being requested.
There is no entry fee and no awards. 
Artists are to meet in the Village Square and are free to stay as long as they like. East Troy is hosting a Chalk Art Festival for grade school students the day before and would like to combine that with Plein Air painting on Saturday. We are trying to build this into an annual art festival. The goal is to educate the community and to get kids interested in art. Thanks for your support.
Randy Timms
East Troy needs a firm commitment that artists will show up to paint on Saturday, May 6. Please respond to Mark Rosolek by this Friday, March 31, if you have interest in painting at this event. East Troy needs to print flyers for the event.

Gary Millard Demo at MSC Tuesday 4/11/17

From: Thomas Piedt <>

Gary Millard will be conducting the demo Tuesday.

Thanks Gary. I as well as the club members appreciate your willingness to do this for the club - given  your already overwhelming schedule during the week.

See his website

Sunday, March 26, 2017


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