Sunday, March 26, 2017


a painting today
200 faces. No. 150 
No. 149

art licensing newsletter, annie troe
amy kirkpatrick
how to paint filbert flowers 
continuation fees to licensing agents.

austin kleon
something will outlast them

balzer dsigns
random updates 
picabia at moma: part one 
part two 
valentines table

near whiteout afternoon

fine art connoisseur
the remarkable unremarkable
not what you might expect 
portrait: her gift 
firing frustration 
george hallmark

gurney journey
flesh tones
gouche; tubes or pans? 
march snow in kingston 
guest post form codeman dan 
living sketchbook app is live 
rip bernie wrightson 
menzel's painting mediums
window 10 at the dmv

peninsula pulse
Secret Garden, Miller art museum through 4/17

Plein air today
It's snow
Podcast 41: lynn Gertenbach's russian secrets
Making things difficult for george van hook 
monikca johnson's high desert meadow
AIS goes small 
choosing from column A  
avoiding arrest in st. augustine 
mountains as sky family 
marsha brook 
cory trepanier's arctic paintings 
Schaumburg Prairie plein air competition 4/28-5/12 
ice painting! with a burner!
and video 
it's snow, it's a drawing
irresistible tales
painter's response to a plant 
so darn cute 
carl bretzke's top 10 reasons for attending plein air convention 
podcast 40-karl dempwolf 
low key allows orange to pop 
art contagions 
stephen day
tarpon springs 4/18-22
buck up buttercup, spring is here
do yo see these colors in the sky 
mysteries of high cliff 
the allure of must-have paintings 
paint like a hobbit 
does your winter look like this 
the sailboat's story 
podcast: stefan baumann 
not wearing earphones
kuala lumpur
michell condrat in zion 
monika johnson, finding inspiration 
oak group fundraiser 
got a painting of skies 
finding history on outskirts of pittsburgh 
podcast: Carol marine
figures as supporting players
w truman hosner 
charlie hunter 
absurdly portable
Rita pacheco Batiquitos lagoon
artists share  in prizes 
do you know anyone features in Plein air magazine 
paint a sky painting 
make way for the helicopter 
symmetry and asymmetry 
amy bohling 
karl dempwolf 
jivan lee 
what's behind you
jill basham
painting sky 
how desert helped carlton paint snow 
a tale of two paintings 
mark fehlman 
lights camera california 
Cape ann Massachusettes Oct 8-16 
cold all over 
itinerant painter on the waves 
putting design over subject 
reasons to enter plein air salon 
supporting the star player 
unsticking the stuck student
jean pierre jacquet
mountain maryland June 19-24 
winning a competition requires this
painting an icy stampede
paint snow in northern ontario
nothing like an old coat 
sorolla mirals 
video sorollas vision of spain 
muted foreground 
podcast: mary pettis 
plan painting bluebonnets in texas 
levi jackson and adam bateman 
Hamptons plein air invitational July 14-23 
rare hare sighting

steve huston: growing as an artist 
gene wilder narrated

the painters keys
creative influence 
ordering chaos

shelly beauch
happy mooka

urban sketchers
drawing attention march 2017

urban sketchers midwest
fun with friends at nelson atkins art museum

Saturday, March 25, 2017

New Berlin Rain Barrel Auction, May 13-27, 2017

2017 art at the mill

From: Richfield Art Fair <>

Art at the Mill is just a few months away. Is July 22, 2017, still open on your summer schedule? Art at the Mill has been in existence for 9 years. It is a juried art and fine craft fair held outside nestled among the trees and surrounded by historical buildings in the beautiful Richfield Nature/Historical Park (Washington County - Wisconsin).  

Amenities for exhibiting artists:
·        Ample space between booths
·        Easy pull-up for unloading
·        Reasonable $55 booth fee (before or on 4-1-17) or $65 (between 4-2-17 and 7-1-2017)
·        Low jury fee of $10 (waived for returning artists)
·        Booth reliever
·        Free coffee/pastries during setup time
·        Tickets for tour of historic buildings located in the park
·        Friendly staff

The quality of our fair is very important. The number of like exhibitors will be limited to assure a good balance and variety.  The quota for jewelry artisans has been reached. Therefore, no applications for jewelry exhibitors are being accepted. For other categories, apply soon for your best chance of being selected.

Advertising is also very critical for art fairs.  This event will be widely advertised in print, broadcast & social media and promoted through many local businesses. We want to reach as many potential attendees as possible. Free admission to the fair and the extra benefit of being able to tour historic buildings are attractive factors.

An application form and guidelines can be found at: (Home page, left column, scroll down to find the links to the documents). I would love to have you apply to exhibit.

Feel free to call or e-mail with any questions.

Lois Hessenauer, Chairperson
Richfield Historical Society

croquis cafe videos

From: Thomas Piedt

Hi everyone

Jim  Marsala recommended  and  provided the following site to practice  figure drawing on You Tube.  Go to You Tube and search for Croquis CafĂ© Videos. I  visited the site on You Tube - pretty cool.

It offers a variety of poses  and times similar to your experience  in the sketch club. The site also has  a model on a rotating  platform that you can pause on the view  most  pleasing to the artist.

Jim warned  not to go to their  web site independently -  go through You Tube  to avoid possible viruses.

It's free on You Tube - but you can offer a donation if you like.

Friday, March 24, 2017

Carol, Lisa & Bonnie at Inspiration Studios: April 2, 2017 2-5pm

from: bonitaartwork
Please post to members

Carol, Lisa and me have up to 10 art works in this show!  Come see us and our art!

Sunday, March 19, 2017


art lady confidential
critique week

austin kleon
pay attention
everythings fine

no journaling & lots of journaling
a visit to new york city 
murphy oil soap for brayers 
mfa onnoisseurship & imprssionism 
mfa: another look at making mod
frida kahlo at dali museum  
winslow homer lecture: 3 curators, 1 painting 
three classes at papercraft clubhouse 
another one bites the dust 
four art foamies projects 
mini owl quilt 
art classes at canyon ranch

salt lake city 

door county pulse
the nature of art
arts & entertainment intern wanted for 2017 season, apply by 3/24/17

Fine art connoisseur
How does he do it? 
the golden twenties 
blurred lines 
fine art opportunity coming to facebook live on 3/25 
chasing light 
the clark looks north and south 
pure joy 
high kitsch in new york 
a permanent home for this important painter 
can you feel the sublime? 
new place for new showcase 
portraits aren't always of people 
there's something beautiful blooming in Milwaukee 
are you a casualty of modernity? 
a life outdoors, in your home 
answering the call 
His passion for painting 
the wind in your sails 
creating iconographic drifts 
the "glory of venice" 
ivy league brilliance 
loving lipking

gurney Journey
Living sketchbook app coming march 20
art on social media 
new art book on whitcomb
stop motion film "i'm scared"
husky portrait in casein 
early sketching umbrellas 
teaser for "living sketchbook" app 
the burren, county clare 
graveyard scene by tom lovell 
advance review of living sketchbook, vol 1 
shot list for art videos 
parking lot before the storm 
watercolor tips from Hayao miyazaki 
welcome march 
calling beta testers 
smooth visits

karin jurick
southern gentleman 
big red

dynamic anatomy
the final sketch 
cross contour lines, bicep 
drawing woopi goldberg, final sketch 
workshop April 6-8

lynn Rix
River Shed 
the millers homestead 
blood orange 
last snow 
new barn

the painter's keys
who does she think she is? 
good news for bad moods 
two spirits 
professional jealousy

Plein Air Today
The plein air study that launched a big winner
what a painting dream trip looks like
for the love of cars 
they won in maui? wowie! 
Crystal cove 
is ultramarine a cool blue? 
format, key, and aerial perspective 
dennis doyle 
First Brush of Spring, Indiana 4/19-22 
a Ppprrrecious trip for painters 

glowing green 
hidden gems 
marasu vs molygon

urban sketchers midwest
lawrence sketch crawl

Sunday, March 5, 2017


a painting today
Me Time Show

art lady confidential
important art happening now

austin kleon
my notebooks
got a lot of writing done this week

balzer designs
a new pamphlet style art journal
around here: february 2017 
the diptych over my bed 
the one with the toothy grin 
world of wearable art at the peabody essex museum 
art journal every day: mix & match faces 
scanncut tutorials, vinyl nail decals 
frida kahl at the dali museum

Fine art conoisseur
Stamp of approval
diptychs, triptychs, and Narratives
are you drawn to greatness
the game is on
worth the walk
reflections on the pond 
real people....
mythology becomes legend
little red riding hood was a liar 
the ephemeral nature of experience 
if you built it, they may have painted it
impressive knife-work
how to trick your senses 
50 shades of flowers 
this isn't gilligan's island

gurney journey
highlights are like desert
heath robinson exhibition coming to delaware 
trust the process 
how to video your art 
a dinosaur takes wing 
courtship display 
taking a dust bath 
smudge pots 
nc wyeth's study from bargue 
chuck jones on creative discipline 
flat shadows vs flat lights

Lynn M. Rix

Parka blogs
february 2017 round up

shelly beauch
weekly challenge #304 waybop

the painter's keys
sketch club 
channelling negative energy 
the best feedback in the world

Plein Air today
paint like a hobbit
do you see these colors in the sky
Oak Group 
When your neigborhood is being turned upside down, call an artist 
Stephanie marzella 
artist as collector: julie riker 
a scene worth its salt 
the how of clouds and sky 
marla baggetta 
between heaven and earth 
Indiana Dunes: Artist in Residency Opportunity 
It rains in Washington?

drawing from imagination 
drawing from imagination - tips on improving 
student critiques distortion vs exaggeration